Portable stands

Portable stands are made in such a way that the stand crew can build it up themselves. The stand is easy to set up, is lightweight and handy packed in carrier bags or trunks. No tools are required and you don’t have to be very handy. The stand crew can take the stand with them in their passenger car and build it up before the exhibition starts.

The visuals are easy to change, so that you can use the materials for multiple campaigns, products or organizational departments.

Advantages of a portable stand are:

  • Construction by stand crew
  • Interchangeable visuals for multiple purposes
  • Fits in a passenger car

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We are happy to make a customized price for you. We calculate prices based on design, area, visuals, transport and assembly. Please contact us and request a customized price.

Check the portable stands of: UWV, FIT en Eurocaps

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