Expo Analytics: the Google Analytics of exhibitions

More and more exhibitors are looking for more insight into the success of their exhibition. A lot of time and money is invested in realizing the best participation in the trade show, but it is often unclear what the trade show has brought up. Expospaces has a number of analytic tools that provide perfect insight into the return on your trade show. And they are easy to integrate into your exhibition approach.


Map visitors with VisitoRadar

You know how many trade fair visitors come to the trade fair. But do you want to know how many visitors passed your stand (Brand Awareness)? And do you want to know how many visitors have been to your stand (Interest). Expospaces installs the Scan module from VisitoRadar and it ensures that you gain insight into the following questions:

  • What is the number of visitors per hour at your stand?
  • How long do visitors stay at your stand?
  • When and how often do visitors return?
  • At which place in the stand do most visitors come?
  • Which exhibition participation generates the most interest?

Register leads with the Fairleads App

In order to stay in contact with the visitors after the fair, it is essential that you properly record all information about the lead.

  • Is it a decision maker?
  • Is there a specific need?
  • What are people interested in?
  • What is the desired follow-up?
  • Who spoke to the visitor?

The Fairleads App is a tool that allows you to register & qualify leads. The lead is mapped out perfectly within half a minute. The app is intuitive, fast and easy to use by the stand crew. With an iPad you take a picture of the business card, then you go through a number of customised questions and your visitor is qualified. No more than half a minute’s work. And immediately ready for follow up. During the exhibition, a targeted follow-up can be started from the office, on the leads that matter.