expospaces is a proud partner of beMatrix: the bePartner • build program.

Making the life of the exhibitor easier, offering comfort, that is the aim of the bePartner • build program.

To offer the best service, beMatrix is ​​developing a worldwide bePartner network that can provide full service support for the design, construction and finishing of your stand. These partners were carefully selected according to important criteria, are regularly trained in various domains and are also subject to an annual evaluation.

This network, in combination with the constant pursuit of innovation in expansion or to improve the existing product range, ensures that the exhibitor can always sleep on both ears.

Experience and knowledge are shared in such a way that intercontinental collaboration can also become the key to your success. “After all, beMatrix has a partner network worldwide, allowing you to build the stand that you have built in Germany today, without worry by another bePartner America, Australia or Asia.

The bePartners · build have a large stock of frames and accessories, integrate our latest innovations, think out-of-the-box and are committed to providing optimum service.

The bePartner network not only consists of stand builders, but provides support in every step of finishing your stand.

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