One of the many things you have to arrange as an exhibitor is choosing the right furniture for your stand. At first glance, that does not seem so complicated, but there are some things involved!

Read 5 dilemmas here when choosing stand furniture:

1 – Spartan versus comfortable

The choice of furniture largely depends on your exhibition objective! Do you want to have many and short conversations to talk with as many leads as possible? Then opt for active furniture (standing tables, bar stools, not too comfortable). Do you want to talk extensively and for a long time with visitors? Then place a wonderful, soft, comfortable hanging couch in your stand. Then those visitors will never leave!


2 – Large versus small

Too much or too large furniture can disrupt the flow in your position. Make sure that your stand is not too full and that visitors can move around your stand without any problems! Therefore, for example, do not place large furniture on the edge of the stand. Also consider the handling and logistics costs when choosing your furniture. Choosing handy (foldable, stackable, small, light) furniture can therefore be a smart choice.


3 – Functional versus design

Everyone naturally wants to have the most beautiful stand and impress the visitors. Unfortunately, design and fashion do not always go together with functionality. A beautiful designer chair that already causes back pain after 30 seconds cannot be the intention. Find the right balance when choosing furniture. Not only for the visitors, but also for the stand crew who are often on the stand for 3 to 5 days, some functionality is not a superfluous luxury!


4 – Expensive versus cheap

Furniture partly determines the appearance of your stand. If you go for an inexpensive variant, you run the risk that your type of table and chair can also be found in many other stands. Little distinctive character! Moreover, you have a greater chance of damaged, frequently used, furniture. Not something you want to connect your brand to.


5 – Rental versus purchase

Do you regularly attend an exhibition as an exhibitor? Then it can be profitable to buy furniture and use it at all your trade shows. Make sure that your furniture is properly packed during transport and storage, so that they cannot be damaged. Rental furniture is, depending on the rental company, generally well packaged and treated. With rental furniture you are also more flexible, you can choose per exhibition.

Of course you don’t have to make it up yourself. The team of your stand builder is happy to help you and comes up with good proposals. That is in any case the method of expospaces! Knowing more? Then read on here.

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