No good results without a good stand crew! No matter how good your concept is and how beautiful your exhibition stand looks, if there is no good stand crew, it is impossible to achieve a really good result.

Key to success!

Depending on your product, target group and objective at the trade fair, you as a brand need a well-considered selection of team members as a stand crew. Make sure you have a balanced group with different knowledge and experience specialties. But also look at personal characteristics! The people at your stand are the key to success!

What roles are there on a stand?

There are different roles to play at a stand. Below you will find a list of types of people (roles) that you can use when planning your exhibition staff.

  • Meeters & Greeters
    These are the people who bring the visitors to your stand. They are the first impression of your brand, so must be full of energy, accessible and representative. These are often Sales people.


  • Product specialists
    These are the people who know your product inside out and who can give a good explanation or demo about every aspect. These are often Product Managers.


  • Lead & Sales
    These are the people who know how the company works and how a lead can best be converted into a good follow-up. These are often Account Managers.


  • Tech Team
    The stand needs a good technical team to ensure that all equipment works properly, such as TV screens, LED walls, iPads, computers, etc. These are often IT specialists.


  • Organizers
    These are the coordinators on the stand. Keep an eye on the flow, have a planning and schedule. Ensure that the stand is running. And often have contact with external parties such as exhibition organization, stand builder, co-exhibitors, etc. These are often MarCommers


  • Hospitality
    These people ensure that the visitor feels comfortable at the stand and comes into contact with the right people. Moreover, these people also provide a snack and a drink. These are often hired people or people from the reception, for example.

In addition to looking at the functions that people have, it is even better if you also look at characteristics. Not everyone is suitable to work at a trade show. Not everyone likes to work “in the picture”. Many people prefer to work behind the scenes. Those people are not comfortable putting them on a trade show. Moreover, this also does not benefit the result!

To make a proper assessment with regard to your stand crew, also include the following points in the selection procedure.


Look at a good mix of experienced people and fresh newcomers. You don’t have to explain experienced people and they can get started right away. New people still have a lot to learn but can bring new energy to the stand. With the right training you can prepare them well.



The trade show medium is an expensive medium. It is therefore essential to generate sufficient leads and sales. To achieve this, it is wise to deploy successful sales people at the trade show.



People skills are central in making contact with visitors, but you also need people with technical know-how. If visitors have detailed questions, you need people who know exactly what they are talking about.


Social skills

When selecting your team members, you naturally look at social skills. How do they deal with (potential) customers. But also look at how they function in a team and whether they can work well together.



Team members with a natural “outgoing” character like to talk to new people and approach them easily. They are of course needed to “pull” people out of the aisle.


Team spirit

Team members must be able to work well together in teams, in which everyone contributes to the success of the exhibition participation. Everyone must work as a team and help each other when needed!



Only select people who really want to be there and really want to be part of it. They will bring positive energy and will be enthusiastic about the exhibition and what you want to achieve.



Who can you trust? A crucial question. The best salesman may not be the most reliable person. You have to be able to rely on people at a trade show. Arriving on time, keeping to agreements and working towards the common goal.

At a trade show you have the chance to meet many people from your target group ‘live’ in a very short time. During the exhibition days everything comes together. A perfect team is essential to make optimum use of that momentum. Therefore, take the time for a thorough selection so that everyone is empowered and the team performs best.

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A few more tips to get more out of your stand crew:

  • Ensure a good schedule with sufficient breaks (with food and drinks)
  • Give the stand crew time to visit lectures or seminars during the trade show
  • Train the stand crew on specific exhibition skills
  • Agree on clear objectives and provide insight into the (daily) results
  • Agree clear do’s and don’ts for the stand
  • Ensure commitment from management / directors
  • Start every day with a kick-off

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