People remember images better than text. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr are still growing in popularity. A video on Facebook is shared more often than a text. And everyone knows how hard it is not to watch when a TV is on in the background.

Moving images clearly have an enormous attraction for us and therefore work outstanding at trade shows.

A LED wall in your stand attracts visitors

More and more exhibitors are discovering the power of (moving) images and their many applications. A LED screen on an exhibition stand makes a big impression on visitors, they are immediately attracted by the screens and the images that can be seen. Curiosity is aroused and people want to see what happens. A LED screen in your stand attracts visitors.

Integrated in the stand

On a LED screen you can display every message that you want to show, and what you want to tell as a company. This is possible with presentations, with video and with live feeds. A laptop can be connected to LED screens. With this you can, if you wish, adjust the message on the spot. The images of LED screens are of very good quality, also up close. In addition, the LED screens can be integrated into the stand construction, so that it looks as if the stand of LED screens has been built.

What is an LED wall anyway?

An LED wall consists of a grid of small LED lights in the colors red, green and blue, or RGB. The LED lights are individually controlled by a computer to form a dynamic image or text. Brightness and vibrant colors ensure that your message pops out and comes to life!

Advantages of LED screens:

The use of LED screens has a large number of advantages. We will list them below:

  • Attracts visitors, provides stopping power
  • Gives your stand the look & feel that is needed
  • To be used for lead generation & brand awareness
  • Suitable for putting a promotion or product in the spotlight
  • Suitable for many types of content such as: presentations, images, videos, advertisements and animations
  • The content is easy to adjust, per exhibition or also during the exhibition (per target group, per product, per branch, etc.)
  • LED walls are available in different sizes
  • Large viewing angle, high light output, good color fastness and optimum readability

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