Build your brand by building stands with impact. Participating in a trade show is a perfect opportunity to build your brand; visitors literally walk into your brand! A good stand is important to support the success of your team at the trade show. How do you ensure that you are successful and reach the right target group? How do you attract the attention of the right visitors?

Every exhibitor wants to make the best impression during a trade show. That first impression is important to hold the attention just long enough to be able to address them. Unfortunately, exhibitors do not always get the optimum return from a trade show participation and that can easily be improved!

Here are five practical tips to optimally use an exhibition stand!

Provide a clear communication message

What you do must be clear to every passer-by at a glance. No vague descriptions. Provide a clear communication message, preferably one. A striking presentation where you give the desired message powerfully is a strong asset.


Make a design based on the objective

The design of the stand serves the purpose that you have at the trade fair. Do you want to generate a lot of leads? Then make sure that your stand is open and inviting. Moreover, it is important that there is a clear and flexible process from first contact to adequate registration. This means furniture that is active for the design (such as standing tables). Is hospitality your most important objective? Then the standdesign is very different; good catering, wonderful armchairs and a welcoming, warm atmosphere. For each objective, there are design elements that contribute to achieving your goal.



Provide an experience. Put the stand in the spotlights by means of (LED) lighting and ensure a wow moment by, for example, using moving images (video, animation). Think about what you want the visitor to remember from your company.


Train your team

And how do you ensure that you get the right people in your position? Your target group is walking on this exhibition! Get them out of the aisle by asking a few smart questions, by good filtering you really create new business. Give your team clear instructions, rules and objectives. Train your crew in smart opening phrases and interview techniques.


Double your result!

Participation in a trade fair is a costly affair that must generate returns. Provide a smart registration system to record contacts made immediately so that follow-up can also be done properly. With achievable and realistic objectives you can evaluate each day in a targeted way. And make adjustments! Our experience is that in this way you can double the actual result of the exhibition participation compared to the last time you were at this exhibition!



Make sure your visitors feel at ease. That there is enough room for movement for visitors and the right setting for interaction. Visitors must feel comfortable and have enough space to carry out an activity. Note that it is not always the intention to have long conversations. At 9 out of 10 trade shows, it is better to make an appointment at the trade show after a brief inventory interview. In this way you can see each other again after the fair to discuss it further and to make it concrete.



Stand out from the crowd, that’s your goal. By creating action, a state comes to life. Movement draws attention, organize a seminar, act, flashmob, signing session or drink (a few times) a day. The possibilities are endless. Such an element with “stopping power” must not be missing! An action works best if there is a link with the exhibition objective and the communication message.


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